The next "Cruise With The Champions" is set for January 7-11, 2021 in which will be the "27th Annual CWTC". The cruise with sail aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship for a four day exotic Caribbean cruise. Contact "Cruise With The Champions" today to book your vacation with us. Prices start at $450 per person (Based on Double Ocean View Cabin) and up which includes: Cruise, Cruise Shirt, Port Charges, Fuel Surcharge, Food (On Ship), and Entertainment.


"27th Annual Cruise With The Champions"

1/7/2021 Thursday Miami, Florida   3:30 PM
1/8/2021 Friday Key West, Florida 7:30 AM 1:30 PM
1/9/2021 Saturday Cozumel, Mexico 12:00 PM 8:00 PM
1/10/2021 Sunday Fun Day At Sea    
1/11/2021 Monday Miami, Flordia 8:00 AM  


Activities (On Ship): Depending on the ship there are many fun and exciting activities for our guests to enjoy on ship. Some of those activities may include: Waterworks, Pools, Theaters, Casinos, Spas, Clubs, Fitness Centers, Mini Golf, Basketball, Video Arcades, and more.


Activities (Off Ship): Depending on our cruise locations there are many fun and exciting activities for our guests to enjoy off ship. Some of those activities may include: Cave Tubing, Snorkeling, See The Dolphins, Shopping, Tours, Freefall, and more.


Dining (On Ship): There are many styles of dining throughout the ship including: Restaurants, Buffet Bars, Private Dining Rooms, etc. The ship offers many different types of meals so there's something for everyone!

Is a Passport required? 

YES. Your local Walgreens, CVS, etc. can take Passport photos on the spot and then fill out the Passport form via your local Court House, Post Office, etc. Allow at minimum 90 days to send off and get your Passport. So If you are going on the cruise and do not have a Passport, order it ASAP!


How many people usually go? 

The amount of people that join our cruises varies from year to year however most of the Carnival ships we sail on host 2,500-3,000 guest per voyage.



With that many people on ship, isn't it crowded feeling?

Not at all. The layout and design of the ships truly can give you what you make of it. While the breakfast lines on at sea days can be long, for the most part everyone on board does their own thing. Disembarking at ports at their own time, split dining times keeps the restaurants flowing and never crowded, and the just down right huge ships that Carnival has; You actually can find spaces to be alone on a ship of thousands if that is your idea of vacation fun.


Speaking of dining, Do you have to wear a Tux/Cocktail dress to dinner every night?

Not at all. There will typically be two formal nights on the cruise and even then alternative dining options can provide those "racing rednecks" a place to congregate if the formal thing isn't their preference. Typically, Sunday clothes work perfect for dinner in the formal dining room and with all the CWTC group at the same dinner seating, we typically go all casual as long as its no shorts/flip flops! 



Do you have to be a series or track champion to go? 

NO! The cruise is open to any racer, any fan, anyone! The cruise does sponsor a couple of series' with a cruise to be awarded for season long accomplishments (For instance the Lucas Oil Series Crew Chief of the year). Several tracks have signed up to award their track champion a cruise as part of their Track Championship prizes and we welcome any track to contact us to discuss this program further. The cruise is made up of a few racers, lots of family members, lots of racing fans, and several sponsor related people all united by their love of stock car racing!



Is there an opportunity to get autographs of the racers? 

Why of course! CWTC host a cocktail party during the cruise with free cocktails for those that want and a slide program that always draws a few laughs and giggles as it highlights the past cruise and showcases all the drivers on that years cruise (Which reminds us drivers to be sure to send us a car shot of your race car after you sign up for the cruise). We usually pose for a huge group photo on one of the decks so we have a class photo of everyone. The drivers interact all during the cruise. No one is unapproachable. You'll find them in the casino, on the dance floor, standing on the deck looking at the ocean, on the basketball court, playing miniature golf, and many other places aboard the ship. Off the boat, several groups plan excursions together.


Do you have to get off the boat during port stops? 

No. If you just want to stay on the ship, that is your choice. Excursions (Tour guided island activities/tours) are available via before we leave or on ship at the Excursion Desk or via your in cabin information system. has deck plans of the ships, excursion information, photos of the cabin layout, and more.